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Media Minute: Changing my story

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Media Minute: Changing my story

By Jerry Brown, APR

SativaCOMM-LogoWeed. Grass. Pot. Dope. Ganja. Marijuana. Cannabis.

Whatever you call it, this five-leafed plant has become one of the major stories of our times. And it’s the reason I’m changing my story. Part of it, anyway.

I’ve been telling stories for a living and helping other people tell theirs for more than half a century. And I hope to keep doing it for a long time. It’s what I do.

But I’m changing part of the story I want to tell. I’ve teamed up with another gray-haired PR practitioner, Peter Kowalchuk, to provide communication help to the cannabis industry. You’ll find us at

Part of the change is opportunistic, of course. The cannabis industry is growing. I believe the growth curve will continue sloping upward. And I hope they’ll share a little of their good fortune with us by hiring us to help them.

I’ve come to have a deep respect for what cannabis can do — and for the people who are growing and selling it. I know several people whose lives have been transformed thanks to medical marijuana. And almost everyone I’ve crossed paths with who works or operates a business in this exciting new industry is both smart and responsible.

The days of the guy with a grow light and a few plants in the basement who sells weed on the side are pretty much gone. Most of the people who grow and sell legal cannabis today are smart, sophisticated and responsible business people. And a strong, successful legal cannabis industry will help stamp out the black market fed by unsavory criminals.

The products the legal cannabis industry is selling, I believe, do far more good as a medicine and source of enjoyment than any harm that comes to some from using them.

The Media Minute was born on January 1, 2001. For more than a decade, I produced 50 of them a year — one every Monday except the last two weeks of the year when I figured no one was around or paying attention.

That output has slowed the last couple years as I’ve turned more of my attention to the blog on my main website, It focuses mostly on writing and storytelling tips. There were only 10 Media Minutes last year. I plan to continue offering occasional observations through the Media Minute. But most of my attention will go to JerryBrownPR and SativaComm.

We all have stories to tell. Do you need help telling yours? If so, I’d love to talk to you about it.

Media Minute: Just Say Know

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Media Minute: Just Say Know

By Jerry Brown, APR

Media Minute: Just Say KnowAds don’t usually make news. So, you know something big is happening when one does.

Leafly, which describes itself as “the world’s cannabis information resource,” made headlines this weekend as “the first cannabis company to place a full-page advertisement in The New York Times.”

Under the headline “JUST SAY KNOW,” the ad told readers they could go to Leafly’s website to get the information they need to make informed choices “about the right products and strains for you” and to find “trusted clinics and dispensaries.”

The ad came just a week after the Times editorialized in favor of repealing the federal ban on marijuana. The editorial made news as well because it broke new ground.

What’s the point?

The retail-catalog company Hammacher Schlemmer says it offers “the best, the only, and the unexpected.” Add “first” and you have a pretty good list of things that have the potential to make news.

The Leafly ad made news because it was the first of its kind.

But there’s another important element to that: Leafly put an article on its own web page announcing that its ad was the first. I suspect they also put out a news release announcing their “first.”

To make news, it’s not always enough to be first. Sometimes you have to step up and claim credit for it.

We all have stories to tell. Do you need help telling yours?