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Media Minute: Use headlines to make headlines

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Media Minute: Use headlines to make headlines

By Jerry Brown, APR

Media Minute: Use headlines to make headlinesRobin Williams, dead by suicide. Why?

Was it the Parkinson’s? The depression? Alcohol/drug problems? The threat of bankruptcy? A career declining because of aging? All of the above? None of the above? Something else?

Williams’ death has triggered stories on all those topics. And it’s an opportunity for anyone who deals with these subjects regularly to use his death to tell their story.

Why? Because the issues raised by Williams’ death are common, even universal. Almost everyone reading this has been touched by one or more of the issues mentioned in relation to his death. I’ve been touched by all of them in one way or another.

One of my heroes is a long-time Parkinson’s patient who used to be a daily part of my life.

I have a brother who committed suicide in his early 20s.

Depression has touched close friends, members of my family and, at times, me.

At 70, I live with the affects age has on my career, my job and earning opportunities and the potential for outliving my money.

And I’ve known many people with drug, alcohol and money problems.

There’s something about Williams’ death that all of us can relate to. And he was both famous and well liked. So, his death offers the opportunity to tell other, related stories.

Are you repulsed by the idea of using a celebrity’s death as a storytelling opportunity? I hope not. Because events like Williams’ suicide offer an opportunity to deliver many important messages.

As I’ve said many times: Sometimes headlines already in the news offer the opportunity for you to make headlines of your own to tell a story that would otherwise be ignored.

We all have stories to tell. Let’s talk if you need help telling yours.