Rules of the House

Welcome to the Monday Morning Media Minute blog.  MMMM debuted on January 1, 2001, as weekly media tip, distributed by e-mail.  It’s designed to be something you can read in a minute or so. Beginning in January 2008, it’s also a blog. I’ll offer my two-cents’ worth on a variety of topics and invite you to add yours. A few rules I hope will make the experience a good one for all of us:

  • Be respectful. No personal attacks.
  • Keep it clean. No foul or offensive language.
  • Be helpful. No sales pitches.

A suggestion, but not a rule: This is a public discussion about professional work. So, use one of those cute Internet handles if you want. But I encourage you to use your real name instead.

This is a moderated blog, which means your comments won’t show up until I post them. It’s not about censoring what you say. It’s about keeping the troll robots from cluttering up the blog with spam posts.


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