Media Minute: Just Say Know

Media Minute: Just Say Know

By Jerry Brown, APR

Media Minute: Just Say KnowAds don’t usually make news. So, you know something big is happening when one does.

Leafly, which describes itself as “the world’s cannabis information resource,” made headlines this weekend as “the first cannabis company to place a full-page advertisement in The New York Times.”

Under the headline “JUST SAY KNOW,” the ad told readers they could go to Leafly’s website to get the information they need to make informed choices “about the right products and strains for you” and to find “trusted clinics and dispensaries.”

The ad came just a week after the Times editorialized in favor of repealing the federal ban on marijuana. The editorial made news as well because it broke new ground.

What’s the point?

The retail-catalog company Hammacher Schlemmer says it offers “the best, the only, and the unexpected.” Add “first” and you have a pretty good list of things that have the potential to make news.

The Leafly ad made news because it was the first of its kind.

But there’s another important element to that: Leafly put an article on its own web page announcing that its ad was the first. I suspect they also put out a news release announcing their “first.”

To make news, it’s not always enough to be first. Sometimes you have to step up and claim credit for it.

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