Media Minute: Anniversaries make news

Media Minute: Anniversaries make news
By Jerry Brown, APR

Titanic Cruise AdThe Titanic is back in the news. Again. And, if you’re surprised by that, you shouldn’t be.

Saturday was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the famous ship, an event that horrified the world when it happened and that has intrigued Americans ever since.

So, all the news stories about the Titanic over the past few weeks were entirely predictable. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee some editors and enterprising marketing/PR people began thinking months or more ago about how take advantage of that anniversary to connect with their audiences.

The Titanic memorial cruise that set sail from Southampton, England, on April 8 to retrace the fatal voyage of the Titanic? Brilliant marketing and public relations. It’s generated tons of news coverage, particularly over the weekend while the ship making the memorial cruise was at the site where the Titanic went down.

A point I’ve made before in the Media Minute: Anniversaries of major news events, good or bad, make news. The bigger the original story, the bigger the anniversary stories.

And anniversaries aren’t the only opportunities to use the calendar to tell your story. There are seasonal stories that generate news coverage every year.

There will be stories over the Memorial Day weekend about the beginning of the summer grilling season, an opportunity for companies that sell grillable food or outdoor-cooking equipment. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will generate stories about gift ideas. And so it goes.

Here’s my challenge to you, one I’ve made before: Take a look at your calendar to see if there’s anything coming up in the next year you can use to make it easier to get attention for your story. If there is, how can you take advantage of that opportunity?

That’s my two cents’ worth. What’s yours?

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One Response to “Media Minute: Anniversaries make news”

  1. John Wren Says:

    My favorite anniversary celebration is Ben Franklin’s birthday January 17. We celebrated his 300th at Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School, the 301st in 2007 at Denver North High School. This is a good reminder to start thinking about what we are going to do for his 307th next January. I’m glad Ben wasn’t on the Titanic or we wouldn’t have the USA today, in my opinion; he was the first American, had inspiration on the ship taking him back home from England, as described in Brand’s book The First American.

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