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Tell me a story. Make it about me. Keep it simple. And keep repeating it. That’s the secret to success. Jerry will help you do that. Contact him at | 303.594.8016.


Experience, judgment and skill matter. Put Jerry’s experience, judgment and skill to work for you. In return, he’ll help you get your story heard, understood and remembered.

Jerry’s story. And he’s sticking to it.

What Jerry’s done

Jerry Brown committed journalism for 20 years. He’s been practicing public relations even longer than that. And one of his goals is to keep practicing until he gets it right.

If you’ve done the math, you’ve figured out that Jerry’s really…experienced. Yes, he is. And it’s top-tier experience.

As a journalist

Seven years with The Associated Press, most of them in Washington, D.C.; three daily newspapers, including five years with the Rocky Mountain News in Denver; and two years with the U.S Information Agency.

As a PR practitioner

Seventeen years on the corporate PR staff of U S West, one of the Baby Bells created by the breakup of the Bell Telephone System. He’s spent much of his time since then as an independent PR practitioner helping clients like you get their stories heard, understood and remembered.

Why it matters to you

Telling your story

Being a reporter and a speechwriter taught Jerry how to tell stories. And he can help you tell yours.

Getting your story heard

Telling your story well is just the beginning. It needs to reach your audience and be relevant to them to get heard. Jerry will help you get your story heard.

Getting your story understood

Don’t make your audience work to understand your story. Have a clear message. And keep it simple. Jerry will help you tell your story so it’s understood.

Getting your story remembered

Your story has to be interesting and clear to your audience to be remembered. Jerry will help you get your story remembered.

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