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Storytelling Tip: Plan Well. Then Rinse and Repeat.

Storytelling Tip: Plan Well. Then Rinse and Repeat.

By Jerry Brown, APR
Public Relations Consultant

Storytelling Tip: Plan Well. Then Rinse and Repeat.If I offered you one minute to tell your story right now on national television, would you see that as a major opportunity? It might not be.

What would you say? And how much impact would it have on your business?

Advertisers spend millions of dollars every day to tell you their stories in a minute — or less. And the successful ones reap huge benefits as a result.

But those advertisers don’t run to get in front of the cameras right now. They know it’s not enough to simply get in front of the camera and start talking.

They spend a lot of time first figuring out exactly what to say (their message). Why they’re saying it (their objective). And who they want to say it to (their audience).

They also spend a lot of time figuring out when and where to deliver that message to maximize the chances of reaching their desired audience.

But I frequently see companies jumping in front of the camera, at least figuratively, by skipping the important step of identifying their objective, audience and message. And they often don’t have a strategy for reaching the right audience with their message.

One problem with my offer is that it’s a one-time deal. Even my one-time offer should have some positive impact — if you’re prepared enough to know what to say to reach the audience(s) important to you with a message that will get them to do something you want them to do. Buy what you’re selling, for example.

But, as successful advertisers know, once isn’t enough. They tell their story over and over and over. Follow their example.

I didn’t specify what I meant by “national television.” Was I offering you time on one or more of the major networks — ABC, CBS, Fox and/or NBC? A cable news network like CNN, Fox News or MS/NBC? An appearance on one of the food networks or a shopping channel? Don’t assume that any one of those is automatically the best. The best opportunity for you is whatever reaches your audience.

And “right now” could mean nine in the morning, nine at night — or whenever. When and where you tell your story is important. Telling your story is wasted effort if it doesn’t reach an audience you care about — and that cares about you.

So, if anyone ever offers you a minute to tell your story on national television, take advantage of it. But don’t assume you’re done telling your story. Because you won’t be. Once isn’t enough — even if your message is perfect and you deliver it perfectly to the perfect audience at the perfect time. And it’ll be wasted effort if you don’t reach your audience with a message that persuades them to do what you want.

We all have stories to tell. Need help telling yours?


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