Storytelling Tip: Timing is Important

Storytelling Tip: Timing is Important

By Jerry Brown, APR
Public Relations Counsel

Lunar EclipseTiming is important.

And it’s just as important when telling your story as it is in many other things you do.

With the pope’s visit to the United States dominating the headlines, the past week may have been a good time to keep quiet — at least when it came to telling your story to the news media.

Unless, of course, your story includes an angle you could have used to tie it to the pope’s visit. Then his visit was an opportunity for you to get more visibility for your story.

In fact, the calendar or events in the news often can lend themselves to offering more visibility for your story. The beginning of fall if you have a story related to this time of year — getting ready for winter, for example. Or Sunday’s lunar eclipse if you have an angle for your story that involves astronomy.

And timing can be important even when you’re not dealing with the media. You probably don’t want to be pitching school supplies to recent graduates. But they may be interested in hearing from you if you can help them pay their student loans.

Pay attention to the timing of your story. Know when it’s time to speak up. And when it’s time to be quiet.

We all have stories to tell. Do you need help telling yours?


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