Six resolutions to improve your writing


Six resolutions to improve your writing

By Jerry Brown, APR
Public Relations Counsel
Six resolutions to improve your writing

What’s the point of a new year without resolutions? So, here are six resolutions you can make to improve your writing:

  1. Know what you want to say. You need a clear message. If you don’t know what it is, the rest of us won’t know what it is. What’s the one thing you want us to hear, understand and remember? Make that clear as you put your story into writing.
  2. Know why you want to say it. People often tell their story with only a vague idea – or no idea – of why they’re telling it; i.e., what they want to happen because they told it. Have a clear objective before you start writing.
  3. Know who you want to say it to. You have a lot better chance of reaching your audience if you know who they are. Why are they interested in your story? What do you need to do to increase the chances of them seeing it, reading (or hearing) it and remembering it?
  4. Use shorter sentences. Shorter sentences mean better comprehension by your audience. Dramatically better in many cases. Look for opportunities to turn commas into periods. Or to turn long, complicated sentences into short, simple ones.
  5. Use shorter words. Skip the highfalutin words. Use short, simple words instead. Shorter words, like shorter sentences, increase the readability of what you write.
  6. Use fewer words. Getting rid of extra words, sentences and paragraphs will make your writing crisper. Give it more impact. And increase the chances the rest of us will find it interesting.

Happy New Year.

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Jerry Brown, APR, is a public relations professional and former journalist who helps clients get their stories heard, understood and remembered. Need help telling your story? You can reach Jerry at 303-594-8016 |

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