Storytelling Tips: You’re not done writing until you’re done editing


Storytelling Tips: You’re not done writing until you’re done editing
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By Jerry Brown, APR
Public Relations Consultant

Storytelling Tips: You're not done writing until you're done editingEditing is part of writing. That means you’re not done writing until you’re done editing. And you’re not done editing until you’ve proofread what you wrote at least a couple times.

I love technology. Word processing, email, smart phones and all those other gadgets I work and play with through the day have transformed the way I do what I do. I don’t miss my old manual typewriter — or even my IBM Selectric, which I finally said goodbye to a few years ago.

But email and smart phones have turned many people into sloppy writers. And some of what I see on Facebook, Twitter and in my inbox makes me cringe. You know how you sometimes get an “are you sure?” message when you hit the delete button? Sometimes, it would be good if we got a message like that when we hit the send button. One last chance to check for errors.

Three of my pet peeves: “loose” for “lose,” “or” when the writer means “are” and “then” when the writer means “than.” You probably have your “favorites,” too.

Careless spelling and grammatical errors are the writing equivalent of showing up at the office with mismatched shoes or flashing a big smile with food stuck between your teeth. They leave a bad impression.

So, edit what you write. And editing includes proofreading.

That’s my two cents’ worth. What’s yours?


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