Storytelling Tip: Just Do It


Storytelling Tip: Just Do It
Today’s tip from JerryBrownPR’s Tips for Telling Your Story on the Experience Pros Radio Show

By Jerry Brown, APR
Public Relations Counsel

Storytelling Tip: Just Do ItYou want to tell your story. But you’re having trouble getting started?

Just do it. Start writing, even if you’re not quite sure what you want to say.

Sometimes putting words on paper — even if you go back and change them later — can help you clarify in your own mind what you want to say.

I’m talking about this tip on the Experience Pros radio show this week.  And it’s inspired by Angel Tuccy of the Experience Pros.

If you’re a regular listener, you know Angel and her business partner, Eric Reamer, have written several bestselling books on business.

Angel’s advice to other aspiring book authors: Just do. Start writing.

That’s good advice. And it’s good advice if you’re struggling to put your message into words, too. Just start writing and see where it goes.

One additional piece of advice. Before you’re done you want to know the answers to three very important questions:

  • What’s your objective. What do you want to happen as a result of telling your story?
  • Who’s your audience? Who do you want to hear your message? Why? And why will they care?
  • What’s your message? What’s the one thing you can tell your audience to improve your chances of achieving your objective?

Ideally, you should know the answers to those questions before you start writing your story.

But sometimes you don’t. If you’re stuck, just start writing. But be sure you know the answers to those questions before you’re done. And by the time you’re done, make sure your message speaks clearly to the audience you’re trying to reach in a way that will help you achieve your objective.

That’s my two cents’ worth.  What’s yours?


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  1. This is great advice for those of us with writing deadlines who experience writer’s block from time to time!

    One extra technique to add, in case it’s helpful to any of your readers. I sometimes try to imagine I’m sitting across the table from a potential client from one of my target industries. What would be his burning concerns related to his company? What could I tell him that could save his company from missing a key opportunity or making a costly mistake? Then I just let my fingers fly over the keyboard and see where it takes me.

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