Telling Your Story: 30 Seconds on National TV


Telling Your Story: 30 Seconds on National TV

By Jerry Brown, APR
Public Relations Counsel

Telling Your Story: 30 Seconds on National TVIf I offered you 30 seconds to tell your story on national TV would you know what to say?

The idea’s not as far-fetched as it may sound. Companies regularly spend thousands — even millions — of dollars to produce 30-second commercials for television. They’re betting a lot of money they can tell you their story on national TV in 30 seconds.

Despite the time, money and effort involved, many of those commercials miss the mark. Would you be able to hit the mark if you had your chance to do it?

Any time you tell your story you should know the answer to this question: What’s the one thing you want your audience to hear, understand and remember? And you should be able to say it in 15 seconds or less.

That’s true whether you’re preparing a 30-second commercial, a news release or a newsletter to your customers. And it’s true for what you post on Facebook, your blog or your website.

If you can’t say it in 15 seconds, it’s too complicated for the rest of us to remember. And if you try to tell us too many things at once, we’ll probably forget everything you say.

So, you want to tell me your story? Before you do, make sure you know the one thing you want me to remember. And be sure to say it clearly enough that I will.

And once you have your message honed to 15 seconds, you’ll be ready for national TV – with time to spare.

That’s my two cents’ worth. What’s yours?


Jerry Brown, APR, is a public relations professional and former journalist. He specializes in helping clients develop the content they need to tell their stories. He also helps them develop strategies for getting their stories heard, understood and remembered. And he provides media training and presentation coaching for clients who need to tell their stories to reporters or in front of an audience. 303-594-8016 |

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